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One & Two Years Diploma

Course Detail
Professional Diplomas >> Diploma in Computer Networking
Duration: One Year & Two Years (Double fee)
Mode of Study: Distance Learning Education/Self Home Based Study
Total Fee(PKR):
(For Pakistani Students)
Total Fee($ US):
(Overseas Students)
Eligibility: Min Matric
Document Required: Two set of Educational Documents, Three CNIC Copies, Three Photograph, Original Bank Deposit slip
Modules: Module 1 Module 2

01: Introduction 02: Motivation and Tools 03: Overview of Data Communication 04: Packets, Frames and Error Detection 05: Byte Stuffing 06: Shift Operation 07: Growth of LAN Technology 08: Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) 09: Hardware Addressing 10: Frame Type Identification 11: Interface Hardware 12: LAN Wiring and Physical Topology 13: Fiber Modems and Repeaters 14: Bridges 15: Switches and WAN Technologies 16: Routing 17: Routing Algorithms 18: Connection Oriented Networking and ATM 19: ATM: Virtual Circuits 20: ATM and Network Ownership 21: Network Service Paradigm

22: Network Performance 23: Internetworking: Concepts, Architecture and Protocols 24: IP: Internet Protocol Addresses 25: Internet Protocol Address Notations 26: IP Subneting 27: Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) 28: ARP Message Format 29: IP Datagrams and Datagram Forwarding 30: IP Encapsulation, Fragmentation and Reassembly 31: The Future IP (IPv6) 32: IPv6 and an Error Reporting Mechanism 33: An Error Reporting Mechanism (ICMP) 34: UDP: Datagram Transport Service 35: Datagram Format and TCP: Reliable Transport Service 36: Network Address Translation (NAT) 37: IP Routing (Part-1) 38: IP Routing (Part-2) 39: IP Routing (Part-3) 40: IP Routing (Part-4) 41: IP Routing (Part-5) 42: IP Routing (Part-6)

Last Date of Admission: 12th July, 2024
Online Admission:

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