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One & Two Years Diploma

Course Detail
Professional Diplomas >> Diploma in Administration and Management
Duration: One Year & Two Years (Double fee)
Mode of Study: Distance Learning Education/Self Home Based Study
Total Fee(PKR):
(For Pakistani Students)
Total Fee($ US):
(Overseas Students)
Eligibility: Min Matric
Document Required: Two set of Educational Documents, Three CNIC Copies, Three Photograph, Original Bank Deposit slip
Modules: Module 1 Module 2
Managerial Roles in Organizations
Managerial Functions i.e. POLCA
Managerial Levels and Skills
Management Ideas: Yesterday and Today
Classical View of Management
Administrative View of Management
Behavioral Theories of Management
Quantitative, Contemporary and Emerging Views of Management
System’s View of Management and Organization
Analyzing Organizational Environment and Understanding Organizational Culture
21st Century Management Trends
Understanding Global Environment
Decision Making and Decision Taking
Rational Decision Making
Nature and Types of Managerial Decisions
Non Rational Decision Making
Group Decision Making and Creativity
Planning and Decision Aids 1
Planning and Decision Aids 2
Planning: Functions & Benefits
Planning Process and Goal Levels
Management by Objective (MBO)
Strategic Management -1
Strategic Management - 2
Levels of Strategies, Porter’s Model and Strategy Development (BCG) and Implementation
Entrepreneurship Management
Job Design/Specialization and Departmentalization
Span of Command, Centralization vs De-Centralization and Line vs Staff Authority
Organizational Design and Organic vs Mechanistic vs Virtual Structures
Leading and Leadership
Maslow’s Needs Theory and its Analysis
Other Need and Cognitive Theories of Motivation
Expectancy, Goal Setting and Re-enforcement Theories
Motivating Knowledge Professionals
Behavioral and Situational Models of Leadership
Strategic Leadership Models
Understanding Group Dynamics in Organizations
Group Concepts, Stages of Group Development and Team Effectiveness
Understanding Managerial Communication
Communication Networks and Channels. Effect of ICT on Managerial Communication
Controlling as a Management Function
Controlling Organizational Performance through Productivity and Quality
  • Basics of Management
  • The concept of Soft skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Management and Leadership skills
  • Personal skills
  • Impact of Culture on Communication skills
  • Concept of Self-awareness
  • Concept of Self-awareness; Personal Values
  • Concept of Self-awareness; Learning styles
  • Concept of Self-awareness; Personality
  • Concept of Self-awareness; Personality Tests
  • Political Skills
  • Attitude towards change
  • Social Intelligence
  • Self-assessment techniques
  • Stress Management 
  • HRM, Essentials of Management, Organization and components of Organization, People and Their Behavior, Individual Vs. Group Behavior, Personnel management to human resource management . Human Resource Management in changing environment, work place diversity. Functions and Environment of HRM. Line and Staff Aspects of HRM, Legal Context of HR, Human Resource Planning (HRP). Strategic planning and HRIS, Job Analysis, Sources of Recruitment, Selection, Selection Tests, Selection Process, Socialization, Training and Development, Maximizing Learning, Career Management, Performance, Performance Appraisal, Job evaluation and Pricing, Compensation System, Benefits, Role of Money in Performance of Employees, Motivation, Occupation, Health & Safety, Stress, Communication in Organization, Trade unions ,Conflict and Negotiation, Power and Politics, Employee Rights and Discipline, Leadership, international dimensions of HRM
Last Date of Admission: 26th July, 2024
Online Admission:

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