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One & Two Years Diploma

Course Detail
Accounting & Finance >> Diploma in Auditing Management
Duration: One Year & Two Years (Double fee)
Mode of Study: Distance Learning Education/Self Home Based Study
Total Fee(PKR):
(For Pakistani Students)
Total Fee($ US):
(Overseas Students)
Eligibility: Min Matric
Document Required: Two set of Educational Documents, Three CNIC Copies, Three Photograph, Original Bank Deposit slip
Modules: Module 1 Module 2
1. Fundamentals of Auditing 2. Auditorís report 3. Advantages and Disadvantages Auditing 4. Objective and General Principles Governing an Audit of Financial Statements 5. Reasonable Assurance 6. Legal consideration Regarding Auditing 7. Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Auditor 8. Liabilities of an Auditor 9. Books of Account & Financial Statements 10. Statutory Requirements Regarding Company Accounts 11. Understanding the Entity & Its Environment & Assessing the Risks of Material 12. Misstatement 13. Documenting the Internal Control System 14. Evaluating the Internal Control System 15. Internal Control Questionnaire 16. Audit Tests 17. Substantive Procedures 18. Audit Evidence 19. Sufficient Appropriate Audit Evidence 20. Testing the Sales System 21. Testing the Purchases System 22. Testing the Payroll System 23. Testing the Cash System 24. Testing other Systems 25. Testing the Non-Current Assets 26. Verification Approach of Audit 27. Verification of Assets 28. Letter of Representation 29. Verification of Equity 30. Verification of Bank Balances 31. Verification of Stock in Trade and Store & Spares 32. Audit Sampling 33. Internal Auditing 34. Audit Planning 35. Audit Planning (Establishing overall Audit Strategy) 36. Auditors Report on a complete set of general purpose Financial Statements 37. Modified Auditors Report
Last Date of Admission: 1st March, 2024
Online Admission:

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