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One & Two Years Diploma

Courses In One Year Diploma
Accounting & Finance
Aerospace Courses
Banking Sector
Business Administration
Civil Aviation
Communication & Language
Construction Management
Diploma Courses
DIPLOMAS - Saudia Council of Engineering
Education Sector
Engineering (Required min one Year Experience)
Enterprise Development and Cottage Industry
Environmental Strategies
Foreign Policy & Diplomacy
Heavy Machinery Courses
Hotel Industry
HR Courses
Information Technology
Interior Design & Photography
Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Import Export
Marketing Management
Music & Music Technology
Nutritional Sciences
Production Operations Management
Professional Diplomas
Project Management
Social Work
Sports Sciences
Stress Management & Economics
Technical Courses on RPL ( Experience Based Diploma )
Telecommunication Engineering
Vocational Courses
Wildlife advance Courses
Women's Health & Beauty
Accounting & Finance   Top
   Diploma in Accounting & Auditing
   Diploma in Accounts Management
   Diploma in Advanced Accounting
   Diploma in Auditing & Finance
   Diploma in Auditing Management
   Diploma in Business & Finance Management
   Diploma in Business Accounting
   Diploma in Business Accounting & Finance
   Diploma in Computerized Accounting System
   Diploma in Corporate Finance
   Diploma in Finance and Auditing
   Diploma in Financial Management
   Diploma in Financial Management & Investment
   Diploma in Financial Planning In Business Planning
   Diploma in Fund Management
   Diploma in Managerial Finance
   Diploma in Multinational Financial Management
   Diploma in Practical Auditing
   Diploma in Systematic Investment Management
   Diploma in Working Capital Management
Aerospace Courses  Top
   Diploma in Flight Dynamics of Aerospace Vehicles
   Diploma in Aerospace Engineering
   Diploma in Aircraft and Spacecraft Propulsion
   Diploma in Aircraft and Spacecraft Structures
   Diploma in Aircraft Dynamics and Control
   Diploma in Building Insulations Systems
   Diploma in Gas Dynamics
   Diploma in Solid Mechanics and Aerospace Structures
   Diploma in Solid Modelling and CAD
   Diploma in Space Flight Mechanics
Agriculture  Top
   Diploma in Advanced soil fertility
   Diploma in Advanced soil microbiology
   Diploma in Advanced soil physics
   Diploma in Advances in Molecular Cytogenesis
   Diploma in AgriBusiness Management
   Diploma in Agricultural and Rural Development
   Diploma in Agricultural Business and Marketing
   Diploma in Agriculture and Food Technology
   Diploma in Agriculture Conservation
   Diploma in Agriculture Development ( Extension )
   Diploma in Agriculture Management
   Diploma in Agriculture Policy Analysis
   Diploma in Agriculture Research Management
   Diploma in Agriculture Systems, Planning and Management
   Diploma in Agriculture Technology
   Diploma in Agroforestry
   Diploma in Agrotech
   Diploma in Analytical techniques and instrumentation
   Diploma in Applied Econometrics
   Diploma in Applied Farm Economics
   Diploma in Applied Macro Economics
   Diploma in Applied Micro Economics
   Diploma in Applied Production Economics
   Diploma in Aquarium & Fish keeping
   Diploma in Biodiversity and conservation
   Diploma in Bioinformatics
   Diploma in Biological Control
   Diploma in Biomass and biofuels energy
   Diploma in Bioremediation
   Diploma in Biosafety-Environmental Aspects of Gene Technology
   Diploma in Botanical Pesticides
   Diploma in Climate change mitigation and adaptation
   Diploma in Drainage systems design and management
   Diploma in Ecological principles of natural resource management
   Diploma in Ecology
   Diploma in Econometric Methods
   Diploma in Ecotoxicology
   Diploma in Energy conservation in agriculture
   Diploma in Energy management in agro-processing
   Diploma in Environment and Its Relationship to Plant Pests
   Diploma in Environment and Society
   Diploma in Environmental hydrology
   Diploma in Environmental impact assessment: principles and practices
   Diploma in Environmental Microbiology
   Diploma in Environmental pollution and management
   Diploma in Environmental soil chemistry
   Diploma in Farm Management
   Diploma in Farm power management
   Diploma in Food Quality Management
   Diploma in Food Security
   Diploma in Genetic Engineering and its application in Agriculture
   Diploma in Genomics and biotechnology for stress environments
   Diploma in GIS and remote sensing application in NRM
   Diploma in Grain drying and aeration management
   Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Management
   Diploma in Horticulture Management
   Diploma in Human Resource Management
   Diploma in Hydro, wind, and geothermal energy
   Diploma in Imaginative Economics
   Diploma in Integrated land use management
   Diploma in Integrated Pest Management
   Diploma in Integrated water resource management
   Diploma in International Trade
   Diploma in Irrigation systems design and management
   Diploma in Land degradation and management
   Diploma in Landscaping
   Diploma in Landscaping & Floriculture
   Diploma in Livestock Assistant & Dairy Development
   Diploma in Markets and Price Analysis
   Diploma in Mathematics for Economists
   Diploma in Microbial Control of Insect
   Diploma in Modeling and simulation in natural resource management
   Diploma in Molecular Biology
   Diploma in Molecular Biology Lab Management, Calculations and Instrumentation
   Diploma in Molecular Microbial Ecology
   Diploma in Molecular Techniques in Crop Improvement
   Diploma in Molecular Virology
   Diploma in Monetary and Fiscal Economics
   Diploma in Monetary and Fiscal Economics: Theory and Practice
   Diploma in Organizational Behavior
   Diploma in Pest Biosystematics
   Diploma in Pest-Host Plant Interaction
   Diploma in Physical processes in soil environment
   Diploma in Plant Genomics and Bioinformation
   Diploma in Plant Pathology
   Diploma in Plant Quarantine and SPS Measures
   Diploma in Plant stress physiology and saline agriculture
   Diploma in Plant Tissue Culture
   Diploma in Plant Virology
   Diploma in Plant-Microbe Interaction
   Diploma in Project Evaluation
   Diploma in Proteome and Proteomics
   Diploma in Recombinant DNA Technology
   Diploma in Renewable energy resources
   Diploma in Research Philosophy and Methods
   Diploma in Research Planning and Scientific Writing
   Diploma in Resource and Environmental Economics
   Diploma in Saline sodic soil and their management
   Diploma in Scientific Writing
   Diploma in Snow and glacial hydrology
   Diploma in Soil and water conservation
   Diploma in Soil chemistry
   Diploma in Soil fertility and plant nutrition
   Diploma in Soil genesis and classification
   Diploma in Soil microbiology and biochemistry
   Diploma in Soil salinity and brackish water management
   Diploma in Soil, water, and plant relationship
   Diploma in Solar energy in agriculture
   Diploma in Solar thermal systems
   Diploma in Stable Management
   Diploma in Statistics and Biometrics
   Diploma in Statistics for Economist
   Diploma in Sustainable rangeland management
   Diploma in Sustainable soil fertility and microbial health management
   Diploma in Sustainable watershed management
   Diploma in Techniques in Biotechnology
   Diploma in Techniques in Molecular Biology
   Diploma in Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
   Diploma in Topics in Resource and Environmental Economics
   Diploma in Unconventional water resources management
   Diploma in Urban water management
   Diploma in Value Chain Analysis
   Diploma in Vertebrate Pests Management
   Diploma in Water quality management
   Diploma in Weeds Management
Banking Sector  Top
   Certificate in Insurance Agent Foundation Course
   Diploma in Banking Management
   Diploma in Commercial and Islamic Banking
   Diploma in Commercial and Retail Banking
   Diploma in Commercial Banking
   Diploma in Commercial Banking & Stock Exchange
   Diploma in Commercial Lending
   Diploma in Consumer Lending
   Diploma in Corporate Financing
   Diploma in Corporate Leasing
   Diploma in Equity Financing
   Diploma in Finance of Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange
   Diploma in General Banking
   Diploma in General Banking Financial Management
   Diploma in Int?l Banking & Finance
   Diploma in Internet Banking
   Diploma in Islamic Banking
   Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance
   Diploma in Islamic Banking and Takaful
   Diploma in Islamic Syndicate Financing
   Diploma in Macro Financing
   Diploma in Micro Financing
   Diploma in Money, Banking & Finance
   Diploma in Online Banking
   Diploma in Personal Banking
   Diploma in Risk Management
   Diploma in Syndicate Financing
   Diploma in Takaful (Islamic Insurance)
   Diploma in Treasury & Investment Banking
Business Administration   Top
   Diploma in Advanced Business Administration
   Diploma in Business Administration & Management
   Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)
   Diploma in Business Administration and Finance
   Diploma in Business Administration and Project Management
   Diploma in Business Analytics
   Diploma in Business Communication
   Diploma in Business Management
   Diploma in Business Management & Industrial Economics
   Diploma in Business Organization & Management
   Diploma in Business Planning
   Diploma in Business Studies
   Diploma in Call Center Management
   Diploma in Capital Market
   Diploma in Change Management
   Diploma in Competency Based Management Development
   Diploma in Competency Based Reward Management
   Diploma in Conflict Management
   Diploma in Credit Management
   Diploma in Criminal Justice
   Diploma in E-Business Management
   Diploma in Effective Business Communications
   Diploma in Effective Strategic & Investment Management
   Diploma in Events Management
   Diploma in Family Managed Business
   Diploma in General Management
   Diploma in Globalization and Management
   Diploma in Information Management
   Diploma in International Human Resource Management
   Diploma in International Trade & Business
   Diploma in Management Control
   Diploma in Management for Managers/Executives
   Diploma in Market Relations
   Diploma in Mediation & Negotiation
   Diploma in Money Management
   Diploma in New Era Investment Planning & Management
   Diploma in Organizational Management
   Diploma in Personnel Management
   Diploma in Press, Publicity & Profile Rising
   Diploma in Property Investment
   Diploma in Quality & Reward Management
   Diploma in Retail Management
   Diploma in Shorthand
   Diploma in Store Management
   Diploma in Strategic Management
   Diploma in Supervisory Management
   Diploma in Transport Management
   Diploma in Wholesaling Management
Civil Aviation  Top
   Diploma in Advance Civil Aviation Management
   Diploma in Advanced Airport Operations
   Diploma in Aeropolitical and Industry Affairs
   Diploma in Air Cargo Management
   Diploma in Air Navigation Services Management
   Diploma in Air Traffic Services Management
   Diploma in Aircraft Life Management and Maintenance
   Diploma in Airline Business Development
   Diploma in Airline Management
   Diploma in Airline Operations Management
   Diploma in Airline Quality Management
   Diploma in Airline Ticketing Management
   Diploma in Airport Operations
   Diploma in Airport Strategic Management
   Diploma in Airside Operations
   Diploma in Aviation and HSE Engineering
   Diploma in Aviation Management Development
   Diploma in Aviation Safety & Security
   Diploma in Aviation Security Screening
   Diploma in Cabin Crew
   Diploma in Cargo Leadership Development
   Diploma in Civil Aviation Dangerous Goods Operations
   Diploma in Civil Aviation Management
   Diploma in Dangerous Goods Quality Cargo in Civil Aviation
   Diploma in General Management in civil Aviation
   Diploma in Ground Operations civil Aviation
   Diploma in Human Capital Management
   Diploma in Integrated Risk Management (IRM)
   Diploma in International Air Law
   Diploma in Leadership and Management ( Civil Aviation )
   Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Security Management
   Diploma in Pharmaceutical Handling in civil Aviation
   Diploma in Project Management
   Diploma in Quality Management for Civil Aviation
   Diploma in Revenue Accounting and Control - Passenger Stream
   Diploma in Safety Management for Airlines
   Diploma in Special Cargo Handling
   Diploma in Supply Chain Security Management
   Diploma in Travel and Tourism
   Diploma in Travel Business Management
   Diploma in Travel Sales and Operations
Communication & Language   Top
   Diploma in Arabic Language
   Diploma in Business English
   Diploma in Business Letters
   Diploma in Business Letters for Powerful Communication
   Diploma in Business Writing
   Diploma in Chinese Language
   Diploma in Commercial Correspondence
   Diploma in Crime Writing
   Diploma in Dari-Pashto Language
   Diploma in Dutch Language
   Diploma in English Language
   Diploma in English Language Development
   Diploma in Excellence in Business Communication
   Diploma in French Language
   Diploma in German Language
   Diploma in Japanese Language
   Diploma in Korean Language
   Diploma in Mass Literacy and Mass Communication
   Diploma in Proofreading & Editing
   Diploma in Spanish Language
   Diploma in Spoken English
   Diploma in Turkish Language
   Diploma in Turkish Translation & Interpreting
   Diploma in Urdu Language
Construction Management   Top
   Diploma in Applied Instrumentation and Control
   Diploma in Building Construction Management (BCM)
   Diploma in Building Technician
   Diploma in Civil & Architecture Technology
   Diploma in Civil Drafting
   Diploma in Construction Management
   Diploma in Criminology
   Diploma in Development Studies
   Diploma in Digital Architectural Design
   Diploma in Disaster Management
   Diploma in Disaster Mitigation & Reconstruction
   Diploma in Fire Safety Management
   Diploma in Knowledge Management
   Diploma in Maintenance Management
   Diploma in Operations Management
   Diploma in Performance Management
   Diploma in Quantity Surveying
   Diploma in Real Estate Management
   Diploma in Rehabilitation Science
   Diploma in Safety & Security Management
   Diploma in Surveying Management
Diploma Courses  Top
   Certificate in Cooking & Catering Operations
   Certified Professional in Human Rights Management
   Certified Professional in Prosthetic and Orthotic
   Diploma in Accounts Management
   Diploma in Administration Officer
   Diploma in Administrative Assistant
   Diploma in Advance Computer Architecture
   Diploma in Advance Financial accounting
   Diploma in Advanced Financial Accounting
   Diploma in Advertising & Promotion
   Diploma in Algorithms
   Diploma in Arabic Interpreter
   Diploma in Art and Craft
   Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
   Diploma in Auditing
   Diploma in Auditing ( Islamic Banking )
   Diploma in Automata
   Diploma in Aviation and Airport Security
   Diploma in Bank Auditing
   Diploma in Beautician / Beauty Parlor
   Diploma in Beauty Therapy
   Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Hair Dressing
   Diploma in Biomedical Product Development (BPD)
   Diploma in Brand Management
   Diploma in Broadcasting
   Diploma in Building Construction
   Diploma in Business
   Diploma in Business & Finance Management
   Diploma in Business Administration & Management
   Diploma in Business and Labour Laws
   Diploma in Business and Technical English Writing
   Diploma in Business Communication
   Diploma in Business Ethics
   Diploma in Business Finance
   Diploma in Business Information Systems
   Diploma in Business Mathematics & Statistics
   Diploma in Calculus And Analytical Geometry
   Diploma in Cell Phone Forensic
   Diploma in Change Management
   Diploma in Chinese Translation and Interpreting
   Diploma in Civil Technology
   Diploma in CNC programming
   Diploma in College & University Management
   Diploma in Commercial and Corporate Law
   Diploma in Communication
   Diploma in Communication Skills
   Diploma in Community Journalism
   Diploma in Compiler Construction
   Diploma in Computer Architecture
   Diploma in Computer Graphics
   Diploma in Computer Network Technician
   Diploma in Computer Networks
   Diploma in Computer System in Business Technology
   Diploma in Computerized Accounting System
   Diploma in Computing
   Diploma in Conflict Management
   Diploma in Constitution Law
   Diploma in Construction Safety
   Diploma in Consumer Psychology
   Diploma in Cooking
   Diploma in Corporate Finance
   Diploma in Cosmetics Product
   Diploma in Cosmetology
   Diploma in Cost & Management Accounting
   Diploma in Cultural Anthropology
   Diploma in Customer Relationship Management
   Diploma in Cyber Crime
   Diploma in Data Communication
   Diploma in Data Resource Management
   Diploma in Data Structures
   Diploma in Data Warehousing
   Diploma in Database Management Systems
   Diploma in Differential Equations
   Diploma in Digital Logic Design
   Diploma in Discrete Mathematics
   Diploma in Document Control and Record Management
   Diploma in Drawing Master
   Diploma in Dress Making & Fashion Design
   Diploma in E-Commerce
   Diploma in E-Marketing Strategies
   Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
   Diploma in Economics
   Diploma in Electrical Management
   Diploma in Electro Homeopathy
   Diploma in Elementary English
   Diploma in Elementary Mathematics
   Diploma in English Comprehension
   Diploma in Entrepreneurship
   Diploma in Fabrication Technology
   Diploma in Fall ceiling Technology
   Diploma in Feature and Column Writing
   Diploma in Fiber Optic Communications
   Diploma in Field Supervisor
   Diploma in Financial Accounting
   Diploma in Financial Institutions Management
   Diploma in Financial Management
   Diploma in Financial Statement Analysis
   Diploma in Fire Safety Management
   Diploma in Fisheries Management
   Diploma in Food Packaging Science and Technology
   Diploma in Food Safety & Quality Management
   Diploma in Food Safety in Catering (RQF)
   Diploma in Forensic Psychology
   Diploma in Forestry Management
   Diploma in Gardawar Training
   Diploma in Geographic Information System (GIS)
   Diploma in Global Business Today
   Diploma in Global Positioning System
   Diploma in Globalization of Media
   Diploma in Health & Safety in Construction
   Diploma in Health and Safety Engineering (HSE)
   Diploma in Health, Safety & Environment
   Diploma in Homeopathy
   Diploma in Horticulture & Landscaping
   Diploma in Horticulture & Landscaping Management
   Diploma in Human Computer Interaction
   Diploma in Human Relations
   Diploma in Human Resource Development
   Diploma in Human Resource Management
   Diploma in Ideal Journalistic Management
   Diploma in Income Tax Laws Management
   Diploma in Industrial Development Inventory Management
   Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
   Diploma in Insurance Management
   Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
   Diploma in Interior Designing & Lighting
   Diploma in International Business Management
   Diploma in International Disaster Management
   Diploma in International Law
   Diploma in International Marketing
   Diploma in International Montessori Education
   Diploma in International Relations
   Diploma in Inventory & Materials Management
   Diploma in Inventory, Procurement & Logistic Management
   Diploma in Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
   Diploma in Islamic Method of Shifa (Tibb-E-Nabvi)
   Diploma in Islamic Studies
   Diploma in Journalistic Writing
   Diploma in Junior Drawing master
   Diploma in Knowledge Management
   Diploma in Labor Laws Management
   Diploma in Land Revenue Management and GIS
   Diploma in Landscaping
   Diploma in Leadership & Team Management
   Diploma in Leather Technology
   Diploma in Linear Algebra
   Diploma in Livestock Management and Dairy Production
   Diploma in Macroeconomics
   Diploma in Management
   Diploma in Management Information System
   Diploma in Management Information System (MIS)
   Diploma in Managing Markets & Sustain Ability Management
   Diploma in Manufacturing Production and Operations Management
   Diploma in Marketing
   Diploma in Marketing Distribution Management
   Diploma in Marketing Management
   Diploma in Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management
   Diploma in Mass Communication
   Diploma in Mass Communication & Public Relations
   Diploma in Mass Media
   Diploma in Microeconomics
   Diploma in Modern Construction Management
   Diploma in Modern Inventory Control & Management
   Diploma in Modern Programming Languages
   Diploma in Modern Security Communication
   Diploma in Modern Social Work Management
   Diploma in Money & Banking
   Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation
   Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
   Diploma in Neurological Basis of Behavior
   Diploma in Numerical Analysis
   Diploma in Object Oriented Programming
   Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
   Diploma in Occupational Health Safety & Environment
   Diploma in Office Administration and Management
   Diploma in Office Management
   Diploma in Operating Systems
   Diploma in Operations Research
   Diploma in Optical Fiber
   Diploma in Organization Development
   Diploma in Organizational Behavior
   Diploma in Organizational Behaviour
   Diploma in Pakistan Studies
   Diploma in Peace and Conflict
   Diploma in Personal Energy Management
   Diploma in Petroleum Technology
   Diploma in Pharmacy Store Management
   Diploma in Physics
   Diploma in Political Science
   Diploma in Practical Auditing
   Diploma in Print Electronic Media
   Diploma in Procurement Management
   Diploma in Procurement Stores & Materials Management
   Diploma in Production & Operations Management
   Diploma in Production Operations Management
   Diploma in Profit Strategies Management for Transportation
   Diploma in Programming
   Diploma in Project Management
   Diploma in Public Finance
   Diploma in Public Policy
   Diploma in public relations
   Diploma in Public Relations Management
   Diploma in Quality Control ( Mechanical)
   Diploma in Quality Surveyor
   Diploma in Radio News Reporting and Production
   Diploma in Research Methods
   Diploma in Safety & Security Management
   Diploma in Safety Management
   Diploma in Sale and Marketing
   Diploma in School Management
   Diploma in Security Analysis
   Diploma in Skin Care Product Management
   Diploma in SME Management
   Diploma in Sociology
   Diploma in Software Engineering
   Diploma in Software Project Management
   Diploma in Statistician Assistant
   Diploma in Statistics and Probability
   Diploma in Store Management & Stock Control
   Diploma in Strategic Management
   Diploma in Stress Management
   Diploma in Surveying
   Diploma in Sustainable Environments and Planning
   Diploma in System Programming
   Diploma in Takaful ( Islamic Insurance )
   Diploma in Tally ERP Accounting Software
   Diploma in Taxation Management
   Diploma in Technical Report Writing
   Diploma in Telecommunication
   Diploma in Telecommunication Technician
   Diploma in Telecommunication Technology
   Diploma in Textile Technology
   Diploma in Tibbi Dispenser (Herbal Medicines)
   Diploma in Total Quality Management
   Diploma in Transport Management
   Diploma in TV News Reporting and Production
   Diploma in Visual Programming
   Diploma in Water Resources Management
   Diploma in Web Design & Development
   Diploma in Wildlife Management
   Diploma in WTO & Multilateral Trading Systems
   HACCP Management for Catering
   PGD in Political Science
DIPLOMAS - Saudia Council of Engineering  Top
   Diploma in Agricultural Machinery Maintenance Technician
   Diploma in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician
   Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technician
   Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew
   Diploma in Architectural Draughtsman
   Diploma in Architectural Model Maker
   Diploma in Associate Surveyor
   Diploma in Aviation Technician
   Diploma in Building Supervisor
   Diploma in Building Surveyor
   Diploma in Building Technician
   Diploma in Bus and Truck Maintenance Technician
   Diploma in Business Analysis Specialist
   Diploma in Cartographer
   Diploma in Cartography First Supervisor
   Diploma in Casting Technician
   Diploma in Cathodic Protection Technician
   Diploma in Chemical Cleaning Technician
   Diploma in Chemical Refining Technician
   Diploma in Communications Engineering Technician
   Diploma in Computer Network Technician
   Diploma in Computer Networks Security Supervisor
   Diploma in Computer Operator
   Diploma in Computer Programmer
   Diploma in Computer Technician
   Diploma in Computer Trainer
   Diploma in Construction Draughtsman ( Buildings )
   Diploma in Crude Oil Laboratory Technician
   Diploma in Customer Services Electrical Technician
   Diploma in Data Bank Systems Programmer
   Diploma in Database Administrator
   Diploma in Database Supervisor
   Diploma in Decoration Technician
   Diploma in Desalination Fire Alarm Technician
   Diploma in Digital Aerial Scanning Equipment Operator
   Diploma in Digital aerial survey Technician
   Diploma in Digital mapping technician
   Diploma in Draughtsman
   Diploma in Drilling Technician
   Diploma in Electrical and Generator Technician
   Diploma in Electrical and Telecommunication Technician
   Diploma in Electrical Designs draftsman
   Diploma in Electrical Draftsman
   Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technician - General
   Diploma in Electrical technician - Aerial lines
   Diploma in Electrical technician - Equipment Maintenance
   Diploma in Electrical Technician - Generators & Aircraft Motors
   Diploma in Electrical technician - land cables
   Diploma in Electrical technician - Precision equipment
   Diploma in Electrical technician - Wiring
   Diploma in Electricity Technician
   Diploma in Electronic Draftsman
   Diploma in Electronic Technician - TV Maintenance
   Diploma in Electronic Technician – Communications
   Diploma in Electronic Technician – Control Equipment
   Diploma in Electronic Technician – Radio broadcast
   Diploma in Electronic Technician – TV broadcast
   Diploma in Electronics Equipment Technician
   Diploma in Electronics Technician
   Diploma in Engine Lathing Technician
   Diploma in Environmental and sustainable development
   Diploma in Factory Planning Draftsman
   Diploma in Fire Fighting Technician
   Diploma in Fluid Technician
   Diploma in Food Industries Technician
   Diploma in Food Lab Technician
   Diploma in Gas Turbine Technician
   Diploma in General Chemical Technician
   Diploma in General Chemistry Laboratory Technician
   Diploma in General Draughtsman
   Diploma in General Maintenance Technician
   Diploma in General Mechanical Draftsman
   Diploma in General Surveyor
   Diploma in General System Analyst
   Diploma in Health, Safety and Environment ( HSE )
   Diploma in Heat Exchanger Technician
   Diploma in Helicopter Maintenance Technician
   Diploma in HVAC Technician
   Diploma in Industrial Equipment Installation Technician
   Diploma in Information Security Specialist
   Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance Technician
   Diploma in Lighting Technician
   Diploma in Locomotive Maintenance Technician
   Diploma in Marine mapping technician
   Diploma in Mechanical Draftsman
   Diploma in Mechanical Draftsman - Air Conditioning & Cooling
   Diploma in Mechanical Draftsman - Plumbing and heating
   Diploma in Mechanical Draftsman - Welding & Tinplate
   Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & Steam Engine Technician
   Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technician - General
   Diploma in Mechanical Production Technician
   Diploma in Medical Equipment Technician
   Diploma in Metal Ovens Technician
   Diploma in Metallurgy Technician
   Diploma in Mine Surveyor
   Diploma in Mining Technician
   Diploma in Mobile & Computer Hardware Technician
   Diploma in Mobile Telephone Technician
   Diploma in Mold Technician
   Diploma in Natural Minerals Technician
   Diploma in Network Sewer Technician
   Diploma in Occupational Health Technician
   Diploma in Oil Technician
   Diploma in Operations Analyst
   Diploma in Paint Industries Technician
   Diploma in Photographic surveyor
   Diploma in Plumbing & Heating Technicain
   Diploma in Plumbing & Heating Technician - Installation
   Diploma in Plumbing & Heating Technician - Operation & Maintenance
   Diploma in Power plants - Installation Technician
   Diploma in Power plants - O&M technician
   Diploma in Power plants - switching O&M Technician
   Diploma in Power plants switching - Installation Technician
   Diploma in Production Engineering Technician
   Diploma in Quantity Surveyor
   Diploma in Road Machinery Maintenance Technician
   Diploma in Road Supervisor
   Diploma in Road surveyor
   Diploma in Road Technician
   Diploma in Security & Safety Technician
   Diploma in Sewage Treatment Plant Technician
   Diploma in Ship Engine Maintenance Technician
   Diploma in Software Development Specialist
   Diploma in Software Engineering Specialist
   Diploma in Soil Mechanics Laboratory Technician
   Diploma in Sound Technician
   Diploma in Steam Turbine Technician - Maintenance
   Diploma in Steam Turbine Technician -Operation
   Diploma in Structural Draughtsman ( Roads )
   Diploma in Structural Materials Lab Technician
   Diploma in Support Technician
   Diploma in Surveyor
   Diploma in Surveyor and Field Investigator
   Diploma in Swimming Pool Maintenance Technician
   Diploma in Systems Operation Specialist
   Diploma in Technical Services Specialist
   Diploma in Technical Support Specialist
   Diploma in Telecommunications Technician – General
   Diploma in Telephone Technician
   Diploma in Time and Movement Technician
   Diploma in Water & Sewage Technician
   Diploma in Water Laboratory Technician
   Diploma in Water Networks Technician
   Diploma in Welding Technician
   Diploma in Welding Tester
Education Sector  Top
   (Teaching) English for Academic Purposes (TEAP or EAP)
   Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
   CELT-P (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary)
   CELT-S (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Secondary)
   Certificate in Teaching (CT)
   Certified Teacher
   DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
   Diploma in Advance Arabic Grammar
   Diploma in Art, Crafts and Calligraphy
   Diploma in Business English
   Diploma in Child Development
   Diploma in Classroom Management
   Diploma in Classroom Testing and Assessment
   Diploma in College Management
   Diploma in Comparative Education
   Diploma in Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education
   Diploma in Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice
   Diploma in Curriculum Development
   Diploma in Day Care Center Management
   Diploma in Digital Library Information System
   Diploma in Drawing Master
   Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education
   Diploma in Early Childhood Curriculum
   Diploma in Education Development in Pakistan
   Diploma in Education Planning & Management
   Diploma in Educational Assessment and Evaluation
   Diploma in Educational Governance Policy and Practice
   Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management
   Diploma in Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
   Diploma in Elementary Education
   Diploma in English Language Development
   Diploma in English Teaching
   Diploma in Foundations of Education
   Diploma in General Methods of Teaching
   Diploma in Guidance & Counseling
   Diploma in Health and Physical Education
   Diploma in Human Development & Learning
   Diploma in Information & Communication Technology ( Education )
   Diploma in Information Technology & Library Information Sciences
   Diploma in International Montessori Education
   Diploma in Islamic Education
   Diploma in Language Learning ( Early Childhood )
   Diploma in Learning Theories
   Diploma in Learning through Technology and Pedagogy
   Diploma in Library Information Sciences & Networking
   Diploma in Management strategies ( Educational Institutions )
   Diploma in Middle Educaiton
   Diploma in Musicology and Bandmaster
   Diploma in Office Administration & Management
   Diploma in Philosophy of Education
   Diploma in Physical Education
   Diploma in Plan Implementation and Educational Management
   Diploma in Primary Teaching
   Diploma in School Administration & Management
   Diploma in School Administration and Supervision
   Diploma in School Leardership
   Diploma in School Management
   Diploma in School, Community and Teacher
   Diploma in Secondary Education
   Diploma in Special Education Needs (SEN)
   Diploma in Speech and Language
   Diploma in Spoken English Proficiency
   Diploma in Talimat-E-Slamia
   Diploma in Teachers Training ( Arabic Course )
   Diploma in Teachers Training ( English )
   Diploma in Teachers Training ( Geography )
   Diploma in Teachers Training ( Islamic Studies )
   Diploma in Teachers Training in Arabic Course
   Diploma in Teachers Training in Islamic Studies
   Diploma in Teaching Methodology
   Diploma in Teaching of Islamic Studies
   Diploma in Teaching of Literacy Skills
   Diploma in Teaching of Urdu
   Diploma in Teaching Strategies ( Elementry Level )
   Diploma in TEFL ( Teaching of English As a Foreign Language )
   Diploma in University Management
   Diploma in Usuluddin
   Diploma in Writing for Research
   Junior Drawing Master Certificate
   Primary Teaching Certificate (PTC)
   Senior Diploma in Physical Health
   Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
   Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Engineering (Required min one Year Experience)  Top
   Diploma in Acoustics Engineering
   Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
   Diploma in Aeronautical Technology
   Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
   Diploma in Architecture
   Diploma in Architecture Designing
   Diploma in Architecture Draftsman
   Diploma in Associate Engineering (General Draftsman )
   Diploma in Automotive Engineering
   Diploma in Automotive Technology
   Diploma in Biomedical engineering
   Diploma in Biomedical Equipment Specialist ( BES )
   Diploma in Boiler Engineering
   Diploma in Building Architecture
   Diploma in Building Architecture & Town Planner
   Diploma in Building Technician
   Diploma in Business Management & System Engineering
   Diploma in Chemical (Oil & Gas)
   Diploma in Chemical Engineering
   Diploma in Chemical Technology
   Diploma in Civil Construction
   Diploma in Civil Construction Engineering
   Diploma in Civil Construction Management
   Diploma in Civil Engineering
   Diploma in Civil Supervisor
   Diploma in Civil Tech ( Road Construction )
   Diploma in Computer Engineering
   Diploma in Concrete Road Construction
   Diploma in Construction Management
   Diploma in Corrosion Technology
   Diploma in Dairy Technology
   Diploma in Diesel mechanic
   Diploma in Elastomeric Technology
   Diploma in Electric Welding
   Diploma in Electrical Draftsman
   Diploma in Electrical Engineering
   Diploma in Electrical Instrumentation Engineering
   Diploma in Electrical Technology
   Diploma in Electrical Wiring
   Diploma in Electronics Engineering
   Diploma in Electronics Technology
   Diploma in Engineering Systems
   Diploma in Environmental Engineering
   Diploma in Environmental process engineering
   Diploma in Fabrication & welding Engineering
   Diploma in HSE Engineering
   Diploma in HSSE and Facility Management
   Diploma in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
   Diploma in Industrial Electronics
   Diploma in Industrial Technology
   Diploma in Land Surveying
   Diploma in Material Management
   Diploma in Mechanical
   Diploma in Mechanical Draftsman (DMD)
   Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
   Diploma in Mechanical Trasport
   Diploma in Mechatronics
   Diploma in Mining Engineering
   Diploma in Oil & Gas Technology
   Diploma in Petrochemical Engineering
   Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
   Diploma in Piping & Pipeline Engineering
   Diploma in Piping Engineering
   Diploma in Printing Technology
   Diploma in Process Control Instrumentation Technology
   Diploma in Process Piping Engineering
   Diploma in programmable logic controller (PLC)
   Diploma in Public Health Engineering
   Diploma in R.C.C Structure Design
   Diploma in Radio Frequency
   Diploma in Reliability Engineering
   Diploma in Reliability Engineering and Maintenance
   Diploma in Reservoir Engineering
   Diploma in Road Construction
   Diploma in Safety Engineering
   Diploma in Scaffolding
   Diploma in Senior Welding Inspection
   Diploma in Sheet Metal Work
   Diploma in Social Work in Community Care
   Diploma in Software Engineering
   Diploma in Sound Technology
   Diploma in steel Structural Designing and Detailing
   Diploma in Telecommunications Technology
   Diploma in Textile Technology
   Diploma in Timber Product Technology
   Diploma in Wastewater Treatment Engineering
   Diploma in Water Engineering
   Diploma in Water Treatment Plant Operation
   Diploma in Welding Inspection ( DWI )
   Diploma in Welding Technology
   Diploma in Wireless Technician
   Diploma in workplace Productivity & Operations Engineering
   PGD in Business Administration and HRM
Enterprise Development and Cottage Industry  Top
   Diploma in Business Management Skill
   Diploma in Candy Floss Unit
   Diploma in Cotton Recycling Unit
   Diploma in Oil Seed Processing
   Diploma in Rope Making Unit
Environmental Strategies   Top
   Diploma in Corporate Environmental Management
   Diploma in Environment & Safety Awareness
   Diploma in Environmental Compliance Inspector
   Diploma in Environmental Legislation & Policy
   Diploma in Environmental Management
   Diploma in Environmental strategies
   Diploma in Environmental Waste Management
   Diploma in Health Safety and Welfare Management
   Diploma in Process Engineering Modern Plant Operation
   Diploma in Solid Waste Management
Foreign Policy & Diplomacy   Top
   Diploma in Advertising & Media Planning
   Diploma in Diplomacy
   Diploma in Foreign Policy & Diplomacy
   Diploma in Freelance Journalism
   Diploma in Ideal Journalistic Management
   Diploma in International Relations
   Diploma in Journalism
   Diploma in Journalism & Media Management
   Diploma in Mass Communication & Public Relations
   Diploma in Media & Mass Communication
   Diploma in Media Literacy & Mass Communication
   Diploma in Pakistan Foreign Relations
   Diploma in Public Relations
   Diploma in Public Relations Management
Heavy Machinery Courses  Top
   Diploma in Bulldozer Operator
   Diploma in Chain Excavator Operator
   Diploma in Doze Operator
   Diploma in Grader Operator
   Diploma in Road Driller
   Diploma in Shovel Operator
   Diploma in Wheeled Excavator Operator
Hotel Industry  Top
   Diploma in Advanced Hospitality & Hotel Management
   Diploma in Assistant Engineering (DAE Civil)
   Diploma in Bar Management
   Diploma in Bed and Breakfast Management
   Diploma in Chef
   Diploma in Cleaning Services
   Diploma in Culinary Arts (Professional Chef)
   Diploma in Fast Food Management
   Diploma in Guest House Management
   Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management
   Diploma in Hospitality (Catering Operations)
   Diploma in Hospitality and Hotel Management
   Diploma in Hospitality and Restaurant Management
   Diploma in Hospitality, Sales and Marketing
   Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management
   Diploma in Hotel & Motel Management & Operations
   Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management
   Diploma in Hotel Business Development
   Diploma in Hotel Catering Management
   Diploma in Hotel Events Management
   Diploma in Hotel Food & Beverages Management
   Diploma in Hotel Food Quality Management
   Diploma in Hotel Management
   Diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism
   Diploma in Hotel Marketing
   Diploma in Hotel Marketing and HRM
   Diploma in Hotel Operation and Hospitality Management
   Diploma in Hotel Operation Management
   Diploma in Hotel Reception Management
   Diploma in Housekeeping Supervisor
   Diploma in International Hospitality Management
   Diploma in International Tourism Management
   Diploma in Modern Hotel Management
   Diploma in Modern Resturant Management
   Diploma in Recreation & Leisure Management
   Diploma in Restaurant Management
   Diploma in Snack Bar & Cafe Management
   Diploma in Tourism Management
   Diploma in Travel Tourism & Hospitality Management
   Diploma in Waiter Administration
   Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts
HR Courses  Top
   Certified Human Resource Practitioner (CHRP)
   Diploma in Human Resource & Personnel Management
   Diploma in Human Resource Development
   Diploma in Human Resource Management
   Diploma in Human Resource Practitioner
   Diploma in Managing Human Resources
   Diploma in Professionalism in HRM
Information Technology   Top
   Certified Professional in Computer Technician
   Certified Professional in Cyber and Information Security
   Certified Technical Support Specialist
   Diploma in Advance Linux system administration
   Diploma in Aviation Safety and Security
   Diploma in C++
   Diploma in C++, JAVA & Office Automation
   Diploma in Computer and Electronics Technician
   Diploma in Computer Networking
   Diploma in Computer Programming
   Diploma in Computer Science
   Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology
   Diploma in Construction Technology
   Diploma in cyber and information security
   Diploma in cyber security
   Diploma in Databank storage Management
   Diploma in Database Management
   Diploma in e-commerce
   Diploma in General System Analyst
   Diploma in General Systems Analyst
   Diploma in Geographic Information System (GIS)
   Diploma in Graphics Designing
   Diploma in Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
   Diploma in Information Resources Management
   Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
   Diploma in Internet Security
   Diploma in IT Applications
   Diploma in IT Management in Contraction
   Diploma in Linux system administration
   Diploma in Management Information System
   Diploma in MS Office / Office Automation
   Diploma in Network Engineering
   Diploma in Network Security
   Diploma in operating system
   Diploma in Oracle Database Administrator
   Diploma in Projector Operator (Projectionist)
   Diploma in System Analyst
   Diploma in Technology in Business
   Diploma in web designing
   Diploma in Web Designing & Development
   Diploma in web development
   Diploma in Wireless Communication Technology
   Diploma in Wireless Networking
   Window 7, Microsoft Office and Internet
Interior Design & Photography  Top
   Diploma in Art and Craft
   Diploma in Calligraphy
   Diploma in Digital Photography
   Diploma in Dress Making & Fashion Design
   Diploma in Interior Design
   Diploma in Landscape Photography
   Diploma in Meteorology
   Diploma in Photo Journalism
Law  Top
   Certified Professional in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence
   Dilopma in Immigration & Nationality Law
   Diploma in Banking Law
   Diploma in Business and Labor Laws
   Diploma in Child Labor Law
   Diploma in Commercial And Corporate Law
   Diploma in constitution law
   Diploma in Constitutional Law
   Diploma in Contract Law
   Diploma in Corporate Law and Governance
   Diploma in Criminal Law
   Diploma in Criminology
   Diploma in Customs Law
   Diploma in Environmental Law
   Diploma in income Tax & Custom Laws
   Diploma in Intellectul Property & Banking Laws
   Diploma in International Humanitarian Law
   Diploma in International Law
   Diploma in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence
   Diploma in Social Law
   Diploma in Women's Rights Law
Leadership   Top
   Diploma in Leadership
   Diploma in Leadership Development
   Diploma in Leadership for Leaders
   Diploma in Public Administration & Leadership
   Diploma in Textile Processing Management
   Diploma in Textile Technology
Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Import Export   Top
   Certified Procurement and Supply Chain Professional
   Diploma in Freight Forwarding
   Diploma in Import & Export Management
   Diploma in Inventory & Material Management
   Diploma in Logistics
   Diploma in Logistics & Inventory Management
   Diploma in Logistics Management
   Diploma in Logistics, Supply Chain Management
   Diploma in Materials Management
   Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management
   Diploma in Procurement Management
   Diploma in Procurement, Logistics and Store Management
   Diploma in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
   Diploma in Procurement, Stores & Material Management
   Diploma in Shipping Transport & Management
   Diploma in Store Keeping & Purchasing
   Diploma in warehouse & store management with inventory control.
   Diploma in Warehouse Management
Marketing Management   Top
   Diploma in Advertising, Sales Promotion & Public Relations
   Diploma in Brand Management
   Diploma in Business Administration with Major in Marketing
   Diploma in Business Information System & Marketing
   Diploma in Business Market Management
   Diploma in Competitive Marketing Strategy
   Diploma in Customer Relationship Management
   Diploma in Customer Services Management
   Diploma in E-Commerce
   Diploma in International Marketing
   Diploma in International Trading & Bonded Warehousing
   Diploma in Internet Marketing Management
   Diploma in Logistics Marketing Management
   Diploma in Marketing & Finance Management
   Diploma in Marketing Management
   Diploma in Marketing Sales & Distribution Mgt
   Diploma in Marketing Target Management
   Diploma in Micro/Macro Marketing
   Diploma in Modern Marketing Technologies
   Diploma in Principles of Marketing
   Diploma in Sales & Marketing
   Diploma in Sales and Business Management
   Diploma in Sales Management
   Diploma in Salesmanship
   Diploma in Supply Chain Management
Mathematics   Top
   Diploma in Advanced Fluid Dynamics
   Diploma in Advanced Linear Algebra
   Diploma in Basic Algebra and Trigonometry
   Diploma in Business Mathematics & Statistics
   Diploma in Calculus & Analytical Geometry
   Diploma in Calculus of Multi Variable
   Diploma in Commutative Algebra
   Diploma in Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry
   Diploma in Differential Equations
   Diploma in Discrete Mathematics
   Diploma in Elementary Mathematics
   Diploma in Functional Analysis
   Diploma in General Mathematics
   Diploma in Group Theory
   Diploma in Linear Algebra
   Diploma in Mathematical Methods
   Diploma in Numerical Analysis
   Diploma in Operational Research
   Diploma in Real Analysis
   Diploma in Real Analysis Advance
   Diploma in Topology
   Diploma in Vectors and Classical Mechanics
Media  Top
   Diploma in Broadcasting
   Diploma in Mass Communication & Media
   Diploma in Radio News Reporting & Production
   Diploma in TV News Reporting & Production
Music & Music Technology  Top
   Diploma in Music
   Diploma in Music & Digital Media
   Diploma in Music Performance
   Diploma in Music Production
   Diploma in Music Technology
Nutritional Sciences   Top
   Diploma in Nutrition Management
Production Operations Management   Top
   Diploma in Advanced Production and Operations Management
   Diploma in Instructional Engineering Network
   Diploma in New Product Development
   Diploma in Process Engineering Industrial Water Treatment
   Diploma in Process Engineering Modern Plant Operation
   Diploma in Production Management
   Diploma in Production Operations Management
   Diploma in Production Planning & Control
   Diploma in Understanding Organizational Context
   Diploma in Waste Management
   Diploma in Water Resources Management
Professional Diplomas  Top
   Certified Professional in Estimation & Quantity Surveying
   Certified Supply Chain professional (CSCP)
   Dilpoma in Gemology
   Diploma in 3D STUDIO MAX
   Diploma in A/C & Refrigeration Technician
   Diploma in Accounting and Finance
   Diploma in Administration and Management
   Diploma in Advance Microsoft Excel Application
   Diploma in Advanced Business Administration
   Diploma in Advanced Hospitality & Hotel Management
   Diploma in Advertising & Promotion
   Diploma in Agriculture and Live Stock Management
   Diploma In Air cargo Management
   Diploma in Airport Management
   Diploma in Aluminium fixture
   Diploma in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
   Diploma in Arabic Teaching Training
   Diploma in Archaeology
   Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
   Diploma in Audio Video Technician
   Diploma In Aviation Hospitality And Airport Management
   Diploma in Bakery and Patisserie
   Diploma in barbering
   Diploma in Beautician & Henna Designing
   Diploma in BGAS-CSWIP Painting Supervisor
   Diploma in Bioinformatics
   Diploma in Bricklaying
   Diploma in Broadcasting
   Diploma in Business & Labour Law
   Diploma in Business Accounting & Finance
   Diploma in Business Analytics
   Diploma in Business Development
   Diploma in CAD/CAM
   Diploma in Civil Quality Control
   Diploma in Civil Surveying
   Diploma in Cold Chain Logistics Management and Monitoring
   Diploma in Cold Chain supply and storage Management
   Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)
   Diploma in Computer Networking
   Diploma in Computer Reservation System (Abacus, Sabre, Amadeus and Galileo)
   Diploma in Conflict Management
   Diploma in Conservation and Wildlife Management
   Diploma in Constuction Management
   Diploma in Content Writing
   Diploma in Contract and Supplier Relations Management
   Diploma in Corporate Finance
   Diploma in Counterintelligence & Security
   Diploma in Credit & Debt Recovery
   Diploma in Digital Library Information System
   Diploma in Disaster Management
   Diploma in E-Commerce
   Diploma in Econometrics
   Diploma in Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
   Diploma in Electrical Technician
   Diploma in Electriical Technician
   Diploma in Energy Management
   Diploma in Entrepreneurship
   Diploma in Environmental Horticulture
   Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
   Diploma in ERP Financial
   Diploma in Facilities Management
   Diploma in Facilities Management and Inspections Food Hygiene
   Diploma in Facility Management
   Diploma in Fashion Designing
   Diploma in Fashion Management & Marketing
   Diploma in Fiber Optical Technician
   Diploma in Fine Arts
   Diploma in Fine Arts & Drawing Master
   Diploma in Fleet Management
   Diploma in Food Hygiene and Safety Management
   Diploma in Food Safety & Controls
   Diploma in forestry management
   Diploma in Gemmology (D.G)
   Diploma in General Banking
   Diploma in General Draftsman
   Diploma in General insurance ( DGI )
   Diploma in Geographic Information System (GIS)
   Diploma in Hairdressing & Barbering
   Diploma in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point ( HACCP )
   Diploma in Health & Humanitarian Logistics (HHL)
   Diploma in Health & Safety Management
   Diploma in Health Daycare Management
   Diploma in Health Safety & Environment ( Construction )
   Diploma in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
   Diploma in Health, Safety & Environment Engineering
   Diploma in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
   Diploma in Home Economics
   Diploma in Horticulture
   Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Management
   Diploma in Hospitality Commercial Cookery
   Diploma in Hostel Management (DHM)
   Diploma in Hotel Management
   Diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism
   Diploma in HSE Engineering
   Diploma in Human Resource Management (HRM)
   Diploma in Humanitarian and Social work
   Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics & Supply Chain Management
   Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics (DHL)
   Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics Management (HLM)
   Diploma in Import & Export Management
   Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
   Diploma in Insurance Claims Management
   Diploma in Interior Designing
   Diploma in International Business Law
   Diploma in International Business Management
   Diploma in International Montessori Education
   Diploma in International Relations
   Diploma in Islamic Banking
   Diploma in Land Record Management
   Diploma in Landscape Architecture
   Diploma in Leadership & Team Management
   Diploma in Library Management
   Diploma in Library & information Science
   Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
   Diploma in Management
   Diploma in Management Information System (MIS)
   Diploma in Management of Financial Institutions
   Diploma in Marketing
   Diploma in Mass Communication
   Diploma in Mass Media & Public Relation
   Diploma in Material and Store Management
   Diploma in Material Engineering
   Diploma in Media Management
   Diploma in Mobile phone Forensics
   Diploma in Modern Inventory Control & Management
   Diploma in Modern salon Management
   Diploma in Museology
   Diploma in Museology and Conservation
   Diploma in News Cameraman
   Diploma in NGO Management ( DNM )
   Diploma in Nursery Management
   Diploma in Occupational Health Safety & Environment
   Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
   Diploma in Office Administration & Public Relations
   Diploma in Office Automation
   Diploma in Oil Painting
   Diploma in Operation Management
   Diploma in Optical Technician
   Diploma in Palmistry (DIP)
   Diploma in Patwari
   Diploma in peace and conflict studies
   Diploma in Pest Control
   Diploma in Petroleum Geology
   Diploma in Polymer Chemistry
   Diploma in Principal of Child Protection
   Diploma in Printing Press
   Diploma in Printing Technology
   Diploma in Procurement Strategy Development
   Diploma in Procurement, Store & Material Management
   Diploma in Production Horticulture
   Diploma in Production/Operations Management
   Diploma in Professional Cookery
   Diploma in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
   Diploma in Project Management
   Diploma in Property Agent
   Diploma in Public Administration
   Diploma in Public Health Care
   Diploma in Public Procurement
   Diploma in Purchasing & Supply Management
   Diploma in QMS Lead Auditor 2009 : 2015
   Diploma in Quality Control ( Garments Industry )
   Diploma in Quality Control ( QC Civil )
   Diploma in Quality Control (QC Welding)
   Diploma in Quality Control Inspector E&I
   Diploma in Quality Inspector
   Diploma in Quantity Survey
   Diploma in Quantity Surveying
   Diploma in Radio News Reporting & Production
   Diploma in Refrigerator and Airconditioning
   Diploma in Risk Management
   Diploma in Safety Management
   Diploma in Safety Officer
   Diploma in Safety Supervisor
   Diploma in Sanitary Inspector
   Diploma in Satellite Booking & Operations
   Diploma in Scaffolding Inspector/Supervisor
   Diploma in ship and port Agency
   Diploma in Ship Broker
   Diploma in Skincare and Cosmetics
   Diploma in SME Management
   Diploma in Software Application
   Diploma in Software Application and Data Processing
   Diploma in Software Engineering
   Diploma in Software Project Management
   Diploma in Special Education
   Diploma in Sport Development
   Diploma in Sports Management
   Diploma in Strategic Management
   Diploma in Strategic Policy Development and Analysis
   Diploma in Strategic Public Procurement
   Diploma in Sustainable Public Procurement
   Diploma in Tailoring & Fashion Designing
   Diploma in Taxation Management
   Diploma in Telecommunication & System Engg
   Diploma in Time Series Analysis & Forecasting
   Diploma in Total Quality Management
   Diploma in Transportation and Logistics
   Diploma in Turfgrass Management
   Diploma in TV News Reporting & Production
   Diploma in Typing & Computer Skills
   Diploma in University Administration and Management
   Diploma in Waste Management (DWM)
   Diploma in Water Treatment Plant Operation
   Diploma in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene ( WASH )
   Diploma in Web Design & Development
   Diploma in Wildlife Management
   Diploma in Women's Empowerment and Development
   Diploma of Customs Broking
Project Management  Top
   Diploma in Advanced Project Management
   Diploma in Effective Project Management
   Diploma in Joint Project Planning
   Diploma in Leadership in Project Management
   Diploma in Management Development & E-Learning
   Diploma in Monitoring and Field Supervising
   Diploma in Planning and Monitoring
   Diploma in Practical Project Management
   Diploma in Project Human Resource
   Diploma in Project Implementation Management
   Diploma in Project Integration Management
   Diploma in Project Lifecycle and Organization
   Diploma in Project Management
   Diploma in Project Management (Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation)
   Diploma in Project Management for Business & Technology
   Diploma in Project Management Framework
   Diploma in Project Management in Construction
   Diploma in Project Management Information Systems
   Diploma in Project Management Promotional Strategies
   Diploma in Project Planning & Control
   Diploma in Project Planning & Management
   Diploma in Project Procurement Management
   Diploma in Project Quality Management
   Diploma in Project Resources Management
   Diploma in Project Risk Management
   Diploma in Project Scope Management
   Diploma in Project Time and Cost Management
   Diploma in Standard for Project Management
   Diploma in Total Quality Management
   Junior Diploma in Drawing Master
Psychology  Top
   Diploma in Cognitive Psychology
   Diploma in Consumer Psychology
   Diploma in Counseling
   Diploma in Counselling Psychology (DCP)
   Diploma in Forensic Psychology
   Diploma in Gender Issues in Psychology
   Diploma in Health Psychology
   Diploma in History & Systems of Psychology
   Diploma in Organizational Psychology
   Diploma in Personality Psychology
   Diploma in Positive Psychology
   Diploma in Psychology
   Diploma in Psychotherapy
   Diploma in Social Psychology
   Diploma in Sport Psychology
Social Work  Top
   Diploma in Care Planning & Documentation
   Diploma in Caregiver
   Diploma in Caring For Older People
   Diploma in Community Development
   Diploma in Community Welfare Work
   Diploma in Family welfare work
   Diploma in Human Relations
   Diploma in Human Rights & Development Management
   Diploma in Human Rights (DHR)
   Diploma in Learning & Social Work
   Diploma in Mental Health & Social Work
   Diploma in Professional Development in Health & Social Care
   Diploma in Social Protection Specialist
   Diploma in Social Studies
   Diploma in Social Work
   Diploma in Social work ( Community Development )
   Diploma in Social Work in Community Care
   Diploma in Social Work with Children & Families
   Diploma in Sociology (Community Care)
   Diploma in Women Development
   Dipolma in Community Mobilization
Sports Sciences   Top
   Certified Fitness Instructor (CFI)
   Diploma in Exercise Physiology
   Diploma in Fitness Exercises and Gym Management
   Diploma in Fitness Management
   Diploma in Fitness Training
   Diploma in Personal Fitness Trainer
   Diploma in Sport Therapist
   Diploma in Sports Electrotherapy
   Diploma in Sports Nutrition
   Diploma in Sports Physiology
Stress Management & Economics   Top
   Diploma in Advanced Economics
   Diploma in Advanced Macroeconomics
   Diploma in Construction Economics
   Diploma in Fashion Designing & Tailoring
   Diploma in Home Economics
   Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
   Diploma in Managerial Economics
   Diploma in Stress Management
   Diploma in Women's Stress
Technical Courses on RPL ( Experience Based Diploma )  Top
   A/C Technician
   Diploma in Accessing Operations and Rigging (Construction)
   Diploma in Advanced Textile Technology
   Diploma in Agriculture Management
   Diploma in Agriculture Research Management
   Diploma in Architectural Model Making
   Diploma in Assistant Engineering - DAE ( Auto Diesel )
   Diploma in Auto Diesel
   Diploma in Auto Electrician
   Diploma in Auto Mechanic
   Diploma in Auto Mechanic and Spare parts
   Diploma in Auto Mechanical Desktop
   Diploma in Auto Mobile Engineering
   Diploma in Auto Vehicle Computer Scanning
   Diploma in AutoCAD
   Diploma in Automobile Engineering
   Diploma in Automotive Service Technology
   Diploma in Bakery Products
   Diploma in Beautician & Parlor Management
   Diploma in Bicycle Repair & Maintenance
   Diploma in Building Construction Surveyor
   Diploma in Building Electrician
   Diploma in Button Making
   Diploma in Cable Jointer
   Diploma in Calligraphy
   Diploma in Carpenter
   Diploma in Carpentry (Wood Working)
   Diploma in Carpet Making
   Diploma in Central AC Technician
   Diploma in Chip Designing
   Diploma in Civil & Architecture Technology
   Diploma in Civil Draftsman
   Diploma in Civil Engineering
   Diploma in Civil Foreman
   Diploma in Civil Lab Technician
   Diploma in Civil Surveying
   Diploma in Civil Surveyor
   Diploma in CNG Kit Installation and Maintenance
   Diploma in Computer Aided Designing (CAD)
   Diploma in Computer and Electronics Technician
   Diploma in Computer Hardware
   Diploma in Computer Technician
   Diploma in Cooking
   Diploma in Dress Designing
   Diploma in Dry Cleaning
   Diploma in Electric Motor Winding
   Diploma in Electrical
   Diploma in Electrical Drafting & Design Technology
   Diploma in Electrical Safety
   Diploma in Electrical Technician
   Diploma in Electrical Wiring
   Diploma in Electrician
   Diploma in Electro-mechanical Technician (Oil & Gas)
   Diploma in Electronics
   Diploma in Electronics Technician
   Diploma in ELV (Extra Low Voltage) Engineering
   Diploma in Embroidery
   Diploma in Fabrication Technology
   Diploma in Fabricator
   Diploma in Football Stitching Apprenticeship
   Diploma in Gas & Pipe fitting
   Diploma in Gas and Arc Welding
   Diploma in General Fitter
   Diploma in Glass Painting
   Diploma in Greeting Card Making
   Diploma in Hair Dressing
   Diploma in Handicrafts Making & Designing
   Diploma in Household Appliances
   Diploma in Industrial Electronics
   Diploma in Industrial Machine Technology
   Diploma in IRCA QMS Lead Auditor
   Diploma in ISO 9000 & 2000
   Diploma in IT and Computer Engineering
   Diploma in Knitting & Sewing
   Diploma in Laboratory Technician
   Diploma in Laboratory Technician & Road Development
   Diploma in Land Surveyor
   Diploma in Light Engineering
   Diploma in Machine Tool Operations
   Diploma in Machinist
   Diploma in Mason
   Diploma in Mechanical Draftman
   Diploma in Mechanical Engineer
   Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
   Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Pump Driver)
   Diploma in Micro Controller
   Diploma in mine surveying
   Diploma in Mobile Phone Repairing
   Diploma in Mobility
   Diploma in Motorcycle Repair & Maintenance
   Diploma in Multi Welder
   Diploma in Painting and Decorating
   Diploma in Paper Making
   Diploma in Phone/Fax Machine Repairing
   Diploma in Photo Copier Repairs
   Diploma in Photo Framing/ Mounting
   Diploma in Pipe Welding
   Diploma in Pipeline Foreman
   Diploma in Plant Operation Management
   Diploma in Plumbing & Sanitary Fittings
   Diploma in Pottery
   Diploma in Professional Photography
   Diploma in Professional Stitching
   Diploma in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
   Diploma in Project Planning & Control (Ms Project Primavera)
   Diploma in Pro| Engineering Wildfire 2.0
   Diploma in Pump Operator
   Diploma in Quality Control (QC)
   Diploma in Quantity Surveyor
   Diploma in Radio & Tape Mechanic
   Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
   Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
   Diploma in Reverse Engineering
   Diploma in Safety & Security Management
   Diploma in Safety Inspector
   Diploma in Scuffolding Forman
   Diploma in Senior Lab Technician (Civil)
   Diploma in Sheet Metal Work (SMW)
   Diploma in Shoe Making
   Diploma in Shuttering/Carpentry
   Diploma in Social Sciences
   Diploma in Solar Energy Installation
   Diploma in Staad-Pro
   Diploma in Steel Fixer
   Diploma in surveying engineering
   Diploma in Tailoring (Professional)
   Diploma in Technical Technician
   Diploma in TIG- MIG Welding
   Diploma in Tractor Driving Training
   Diploma in Tractor Repair
   Diploma in TV/LCD/VCR/VCD Repair
   Diploma in Video Film Making
   Diploma in Wall Painting
   Diploma in Water Sanitation and Hygiene
   Diploma in Water Supply, Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
   Diploma in Welding (Arc / Gas)
   Diploma in Welding Technology & QA/QC
   Diploma in Wireless Technician
   Diploma Process Safety Engineering
   Tailoring & Dress Making / Vocational Teacher
Telecommunication Engineering   Top
   Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Technician
   Diploma in Fiber To The Home (FTTH)
   Diploma in Process Engineering Modern Plant Operation
   Diploma in Telecom Technician
   Diploma in Telecommunication & System Engineering
   Diploma in Telecommunications & Networking
   Diploma in Telephone Exchange Operation & Management
   Diploma in Telephone operator
   Diploma in Wireless Communication System & Networks
Vocational Courses  Top
   Certificate in Stitching
   Diploma in Advanced Dress Designing and Marking
   Diploma in Aluminum and Steel Fabricator
   Diploma in Applied Diploma in Telecom
   Diploma in Applied Instrumentation and Control Automation
   Diploma in Audio Video Mechanic
   Diploma in Auto AC Mechanic
   Diploma in Auto and Farm Machinery
   Diploma in Auto Cad Technician
   Diploma in Auto Electrician
   Diploma in Auto Mechanic Diesel
   Diploma in Beautician
   Diploma in Beauty Parlor & Saloon Management
   Diploma in Beverage Making
   Diploma in Book Binding
   Diploma in Book Keeping
   Diploma in Building Painter
   Diploma in Candle Making
   Diploma in Carpenter
   Diploma in Carpentry and Joinery
   Diploma in Civil Draftsman
   Diploma in Civil Surveyor
   Diploma in Clay Bodies and Glaze Making Techniques
   Diploma in CNC Machine Operator
   Diploma in Computer Application
   Diploma in Computer Hardware (Repair & Maintenance)
   Diploma in Cook
   Diploma in Cooking and Baking
   Diploma in Cotton Grinning Technician
   Diploma in Cutting Technician
   Diploma in Dastkari
   Diploma in Detergent Powder Making
   Diploma in Diesel Engine Machine
   Diploma in Digital Marketing
   Diploma in Domestic Carpenter
   Diploma in Domestic Electrician
   Diploma in Draftsman Civil
   Diploma in Draftsman Mechanical
   Diploma in Dress Cutting
   Diploma in Dress Making
   Diploma in Dress Sewing
   Diploma in Drip Irrigation unit Operator
   Diploma in Early Childhood Care
   Diploma in Electrical Wiring Technician
   Diploma in Electrician
   Diploma in Electronic Equipment Repairing
   Diploma in Electronics and Computing
   Diploma in Electronics Application
   Diploma in Electronics Equipment Repair
   Diploma in Elementary Food Preservation
   Diploma in Fabric Painting
   Diploma in Fabric Printing Technician
   Diploma in Fashion Designing
   Diploma in Finishing and Polishing of Furniture
   Diploma in Fire Fighting Management
   Diploma in Fitter General
   Diploma in Floriculture Management
   Diploma in Food Preservation
   Diploma in Gear Manufacturing
   Diploma in Glazing and Manufacturing in Ceramics
   Diploma in Hairdressing ( DIH)
   Diploma in Hairdressing and Salon Management
   Diploma in Hand Embroidery
   Diploma in Hand Pump Maintenance
   Diploma in Hardware / Software
   Diploma in Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
   Diploma in Home Appliances Repair Technician
   Diploma in Horticulture
   Diploma in Horticulture & Land Scapping
   Diploma in Human Diet & Nutrition
   Diploma in Ice Cream Making
   Diploma in Import Export Management
   Diploma in Industrial Electrician
   Diploma in Industrial Fitter
   Diploma in Industrial Stitching Machine Mechanic
   Diploma in Information Technology
   Diploma in Interior Decoration
   Diploma in International Marketing
   Diploma in Inventory Control Management
   Diploma in Jam, Jelly Making
   Diploma in Joining Techniques in Ceramics
   Diploma in Kitchen Helper
   Diploma in Leather Work Technician
   Diploma in Machine Embroidery
   Diploma in Machine Process for Wood
   Diploma in Macram้ Making
   Diploma in Maintenance of Agriculture Implements Technician
   Diploma in Mali / Gardner
   Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management
   Diploma in Mechanics
   Diploma in Medical Emergency
   Diploma in Meson
   Diploma in Milling Machine Operator
   Diploma in Mobile Phone Repairing
   Diploma in Mobile Phone Repairing Tech
   Diploma in Molder
   Diploma in Motor cycle Mechanic
   Diploma in Motor Mechanic General
   Diploma in Motor Winder
   Diploma in Motor Winder Technician
   Diploma in Motorcycle Mechanic
   Diploma in Office Management Asst
   Diploma in Office Secretary
   Diploma in Offset Printing
   Diploma in Online Banking
   Diploma in Online Marketing
   Diploma in Painting and Decorating
   Diploma in Painting Technician
   Diploma in Pattern Marking and Cutting
   Diploma in Peter Engine Repair
   Diploma in PLC Assistant
   Diploma in Plumber / Pipe Fitter
   Diploma in Plumber and Sanitary Installer
   Diploma in QA / QC Inspector
   Diploma in Quality Control in Garments Manager
   Diploma in Rescue & Disaster
   Diploma in Rural Poultry Management
   Diploma in Sales Man ship
   Diploma in Sanitary Inspector
   Diploma in Screen Printing Technician
   Diploma in Secretarial Studies
   Diploma in Secretional Management
   Diploma in Shoe Designing and Modeling
   Diploma in Shuttering Carpenter
   Diploma in Site Accountant / Store Keeper
   Diploma in Soap Making Training
   Diploma in Spoken English
   Diploma in Stamp Making
   Diploma in Steel Fixer
   Diploma in Tailoring
   Diploma in Technician
   Diploma in Telecom Technician
   Diploma in Tie & Dye (Advanced)
   Diploma in Tractor Mechanic
   Diploma in Tractor Operator
   Diploma in Tubewell Maintenance
   Diploma in Vaseline Making
   Diploma in Veterinary Inspector
   Diploma in Video Production
   Diploma in Vocational Girls
   Diploma in Welding (ARC and GAS)
   Diploma in Wood Working
   Kitchen Helper
Wildlife advance Courses  Top
   Diploma in HERPETOLOGY
Women's Health & Beauty   Top
   Diploma in Beauty Parlor / Beautician
   Diploma in Beauty Salon Management
   Diploma in Beauty Therapist
   Diploma in Beauty Therapy & Salon Management
   Diploma in Health & Beauty Management
   Diploma in Women's Health Practitioner

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